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Why Does Petr Cech Wear a Rugby Helmet?

Why Does Petr Cech Wear a Rugby Helmet?

Petr Cech is one of the most iconic football players in the world. He’s been with Chelsea Football Club since 2004 and has helped them win three Premier League titles, four FA Cups, two League Cups, and a UEFA Champions League title [1]. He also played for Arsenal. However, this article isn’t about his accomplishments on the soccer field; it’s about why he wears a rugby helmet to play soccer.

Why does Chelsea’s Goalkeeper Petr Cech Wear a Rugby Helmet?

When Petr Cech was an Arsenal goalkeeper, he wore a protective scrumcap (rugby’s protective headgear) after needing emergency skull surgery because of a depressed skull fracture. On that fateful day in October 2006, Cech was inadvertently struck on the head by Reading’s Stephen Hunt’s knee while playing against them. Because he was one of a set of triplets, Cech’s skull bones aren’t as thick as they should be, according to medical experts, and he has worn the scrum cap for games since then.

He ditched his helmet only in 2018. However, he still bears the mental and physical scars of that near-death experience over 15 years ago, when he was ruled out for three months [2].

Myths About Petr Cech Wearing a Helmet

Petr Cech is a professional football player that currently plays for the Chelsea Football Club. He has made over 300 appearances with this club and continued to play at an amazing level of athleticism even as he nears his mid-thirties. This makes him one of the sports world’s most enduring stars, but it has also gotten him some attention from outside of athletics, namely because many people claim that Petr Cech wears a rugby helmet when playing soccer due to traumatic brain injury or concussion issues during games.

There is no shortage of speculation about Petr Cech’s headgear, both online and in the media. There are blogs that claim he wears it because he has had multiple concussions during games or practices, but there doesn’t appear to be any evidence for this assertion. While some people have suggested that he’s wearing a rugby helmet in an effort to protect himself against future brain injuries caused by soccer-related trauma, others see it as just another example of goalkeepers being different than other athletes on the field. That isn’t entirely accurate however since many professional players wear protective helmets while playing football due to the risk of injury from kicks targeted at their heads.

A more likely reason why Petr Cech chooses not to use an ordinary goalie mask is simply that he likes the design on this specific helmet. He had an endorsement deal with Adidas [3] (he ditched them for Puma), and they made his headgear specifically for him, which means that it’s also designed to meet FIFA standards of safety while still looking cool on the field.

Petr Cech Delivers Witty Response to FIFA Over New Rules and Game

Petr Cech has had an interesting career. From making a name for himself at the London-based club Chelsea to his move over to Arsenal, then back to Chelsea and even beyond that, he has been involved in some controversies of late. The latest one is with FIFA who has introduced new laws for goalkeepers this season which are to protect them from injuries when other players come crashing down on them while they are trying to save goals during games.

At present time, all types of headgear are allowed among goalkeepers but no more will be accepted by football’s governing body starting next year if there isn’t much justification behind it being used as part of safety measures. They reckon that any kind of headgear can provide protection against injury risks but in fact, it may give an unfair advantage to the player. And so Cech has come out with a witty reply when asked about its use in his team’s recent game against West Bromwich Albion.

He also tweeted about his image with a protective helmet in the FIFA 2019 video game. In a recent viral tweet, it was revealed that the Arsenal goalkeeper continues to wear his helmet in FIFA’s Career Mode, including when dealing with an elderly Alan Pardew on a new contract.

According to the goalkeeper’s tweet, Cech seems to have seen the humor in the situation. The post states that although it’s wrong, Cech should continue to wear a tie during discussions over a new contract since he was wearing one throughout his career [4].


Which goalkeeper wore a helmet?

Petr Cech was the first goalkeeper to wear a rugby helmet. He wore it because he has broken his cheekbone twice in his career, and wanted more protection for himself while playing football. Furthermore, this is not an especially common protective item due to its weight (it weighs from 0.5 to 3 pounds [5]). But it does have two advantages over other types of helmets:

  • There are no gaps between the grid that could be penetrated by direct contact with another player during play;
  • Also, it provides good visibility all around without having any parts obstructing your peripheral vision or making you take off your eye-glasses if you need them during games;

That’s why Petr Cech wears a rugby helmet. It protects him from injuries on his face, lets him see around him, and is lighter than other types of helmets.

Is Petr Cech the best goalkeeper in the world?

Petr Cech is a well-known name in the soccer world as a “Cech Mate”. Petr Cech was one of the finest goalkeepers in the history of soccer. In 2004, Petr Cech became Chelsea’s most costly goalkeeper, with an estimated net worth of $36 million. As a technical and performance advisor for Chelsea, Petr Cech earns an annual salary of $8 million [6].

Why do some goalkeepers wear helmets?

Goalkeepers wear helmets to protect themselves from injuries, especially head injuries. A rugby helmet is a type of helmet similar to a motorcycle or bicycle helmet. Such helmets have been used by goalkeepers in some association football leagues, including the English Premiership and Scottish Premier League. Petr Cech was one of these early adopters when he first wore his headgear after the match for Chelsea against Reading in October 2006.

What is the height of Petr Cech?

His height is 196 cm (6 feet and 5 inches) [7].

Why should soccer players not wear helmets?

Soccer players should not wear helmets because they are uncomfortable to play in. Helmets do not provide enough heat insulation and may affect the game’s speed. Soccer players wearing helmets would also give an unfair advantage, as it is hard for other teams to see where the ball comes from with a helmet on. Also, some people believe that soccer was created by accident during one of the soccer games when someone got hit in the head with a ball and started bleeding profusely, which made these two sports very different now.

Why do soccer players wear helmets in the UK?

Soccer is a dangerous sport, and the last thing any coach wants to do is lose a player because of a head injury. In other words, helmets are not only common in soccer but they’re also expected by many leagues around the world including those in Russia, China, and India which have recently started implementing helmet requirements for their players.

Do goalkeepers wear protection?

Yes. It is a common fact that players in this position should always have some form of padding or protection on them, simply to avoid any injuries from strenuous activity and movements.

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