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5 Best Motorcycle Half Helmets


Most recommended
Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle
  • Size Large
  • Color Matte Black
  • Brand Vega Helmets
A good choice too
GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser
  • Size X-Large
  • Color Matte Black
  • Brand GLX
A good choice too
GLX Unisex-Adult Size M15 Fiberglass
  • Size X-Large
  • Color Matte Black
  • Brand GLX
Fuel Helmets SH-HHGL14 Unisex-Adult
  • Size Small
  • Color Gloss Black
  • Brand Fuel Helmets
Raider Deluxe Half Helmet
  • Color Gloss Black
  • Brand Raider
  • Item Weight 1.3 Kilograms

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Motorcycle Half Helmets

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50.00% of users selected Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle, 25.00% selected GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser, 0.00% selected GLX Unisex-Adult Size M15 Fiberglass, 0.00% selected Fuel Helmets SH-HHGL14 Unisex-Adult and 25.00% selected Raider Deluxe Half Helmet. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Motorcycle half helmets are the most important part of your motorcycle gear. They are designed to protect you from wind, debris, and minor accidents that would otherwise result in a head injury. When it comes down to choosing an affordable helmet for riding, safety should be your main priority. This guide will provide you with information on the best helmets available today, including their features and benefits.

Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior Motorcycle Helmet

The rebel warrior motorbike helmet for men and women by vega helmets is the best choice for motorcyclists searching for a more comfortable, stylish helmet thanks to its lightweight custom-fit design.

The easy-to-use, optically correct drop-down inner sun shield on the warrior half-face helmet protects your eyes from the sun, insects, and debris while you enjoy the views with the optically correct drop-down outer sun shield.

The revolutionary rebel warrior skull cap helmet features a new size-adjustment dial system for the most precise fit for your head, an advanced wick-dry lining that wicks moisture away from your head to keep you cool and safe, channeled eps that provide more cooling & comfort, and a cushioned quick-release strap.

Round shields are safe and meet or exceed Dot FMVSS 218 safety standards and are constructed with a thick, high-density, fully vented eps liner to greatly absorb impact so you may feel secure riding your cruiser, chopper, scooter, moped, ATV, or street bike.
Designed, tested, and produced by Rebel Warrior to the highest international standards in the United States, your rebel warrior motorbike helmet is covered by our industry-leading five-year guarantee. For full warranty information, please visit the official website.

  • Lightweight custom fit design
  • New size-adjustment dial system
  • Advanced wick-dri lining
  • five year guarantee


GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Motorcycle Half Helmet

The M14 has a unique and dynamic layout and numerous fabrication elements and internal pampering to exceed DOT requirements.

A sun shield is perfect to have. It helps to reduce the amount of time you need to be in the sun, and it protects against 99% of UV rays.

Additional built-in compartments are designed to fit audio enhancement equipment or communication systems. A quick-release strap that you can take off and put on easily. It’s also a way to make sure that your stuff is safe from people who might steal it.
This tablecloth is very easy to clean. It can be washed, and the dirty pieces can be taken off. The lower edge of the liner is made of synthetic leather that will make it last longer.

All helmets that are bought from an authorized distributor will have a warranty for one year. They also have support if something goes wrong with the helmet.

  • Sun shield is very convenient
  • Additional built-in compartments for communication systems and audio enhancement equipment
  • One year warranty provided

  • Purely aesthetic design might not appeal to everyone.

GLX Unisex-Adult Size M15 Fiberglass Half Face Helmet

The M15 is a half helmet made of advanced material. It has been approved by the DOT, which means it is approved for use on roads. The helmet is lightweight and can be shaped to fit your head well.

Each helmet is carefully handcrafted. This way, the fibers are pressed to fit, so they do not hurt you. We have many stories where people’s heads were protected when they crashed because of our helmets.

This visor can help you see when it is sunny. It also helps keep your hair from blowing in the wind. A strap on the back makes it easy to take on and off.

This product is made of synthetic leather. It also has a microfiber inner material that absorbs liquids without sacrificing its luxurious sensation.

  • Advanced material ensures that the fiber does not hurt you
  • Helmet can be shaped to fit your head well
  • Visor helps keep hair from blowing in the wind and reduces glare on sunny days.

  • Only available in one size

Fuel Helmets Deluxe Shorty Helmet

This helmet is relaxed and not small. It is the best design and also protects your head. It can be worn on a motorcycle because it meets all safety standards by the government.

This helmet has a comfortable and safe fit with padding around your ears so you can hear well.

  • It is a good-looking helmet
  • Comfortable and safe fit with padding around your ears so you can hear well.

  • Available only in black color.

Raider Deluxe Helmet

It has survived a variety of falls without suffering any significant damage. The open ear design of a half helmet like this one is considerably cooler than a full helmet in the summer when the temperature drops in the winter. Having zip-on-ear covers is really useful.

Aside from the aesthetic concerns, air tends to lift a helmet off your head at higher speeds. A shield exacerbates this, and you must keep your gaze fixed forward and the front portion of the helmet down as you speed along on the highway to avoid it flying up.

  • high-quality
  • useful in winter

  • Available only in one color, size and design.

Buyer’s Guide

Half Helmets: Why Do People Choose It?

There are several reasons why a half helmet is the preferred option. The first and most obvious reason is that it looks badass! I’m sure you already know this, so we won’t go into any more detail here. But there are other reasons to choose a motorcycle half helmet over the full-face or open-faced helmet too. For example, half helmets are the perfect choice for those who want to be able to wear sunglasses underneath them. Riding with a full-face helmet is usually very uncomfortable when you have your sunglasses on, so most people choose open-faced helmets or half helmets instead because they’re not as bulky and can easily have glasses put right over them.

Another reason people choose half helmets is that they are often lighter than full-face or open-faced helmets. They’re also generally cheaper too, which makes them the perfect choice for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on their first helmet just in case this isn’t something they enjoy doing after all. However, if you’re a seasoned rider and this is something that will be part of your daily life, then full-face helmets or open-faced helmets may be more suitable for you.

Unfortunately, there are some downfalls to choosing a half helmet over other types too. One major downside is the fact that they’re not as safe in an accident situation. The reason they aren’t is because of the fact that half helmets always leave your face exposed. You wouldn’t have any extra protection if you were to be in an accident, which is why many people choose full-faced or open-face helmets instead.

Another downside is visibility when driving with a motorcycle half helmet on. Because it doesn’t cover your chin, it can be difficult to see in certain lighting situations. This is why many people choose full-faced or open-face helmets instead because they provide better visibility when riding at night or during the day.

However, if you love how half helmets look and don’t want to wear one that covers your face, then this guide may be able to help you choose a half helmet that’s not only stylish but also safe and comfortable. A half helmet is a good option for people who want to protect themselves from the wind, but it doesn’t have as many features.

People usually choose this product because of its low weight and small size. These helmets are very convenient when you ride on a motorcycle or scooter and in everyday life. They can be easily used for sports and extreme activities.

It is essential to know that half helmets are not as safe as other types of helmets because they do not cover the whole head. They also don’t provide full protection for your face like a full helmet does. That’s why you should use them with care on busy roads, where there might be cars coming from different directions.

How We Determine “The Best”

The first thing we do is identify the best motorcycle half helmets that are available by identifying those with the highest user ratings and reviews on e-commerce sites. This gives us a good indication of what users like about these particular products as well as how reliable they believe them to be (i.e., if people who buy them continue to use and enjoy them) and how good they are at protecting their heads.

We then look for those helmets that have been endorsed by motorcycle riders and enthusiasts, as well as those who have received awards from independent journals, magazines, or websites to identify the best options available further today. We also consider what makes them so popular among users, both personally and concerning their overall performance.

Lastly, we look at the construction and durability of each half helmet as well as what users have to say about these products after using them for an extended time. Finally, we consider whether they are comfortable to wear over long periods, how easy they are to clean/maintain, and if anything else might make them stand out from the rest.

We then compare and contrast each helmet to see which ones stand out as the best motorcycle half helmets on the market today. Finally, we look at what makes them so popular among buyers if they offer a better value than their competitors and weigh any benefits against potential drawbacks concerning comfort, safety, or practicality. By considering all of these factors, we are able to identify the best motorcycle half helmets available today.

Every day, thousands of riders make their way out onto the open road only to return home with little more than good memories and a few photo albums worth of mileage on their bikes. Unfortunately, this is usually due to them not wearing any type of helmet at all or wearing one that simply does not provide adequate protection for their heads in the event of a crash.

There are dozens upon dozens of different types, styles, and variations when it comes to motorcycle half helmets. This means that there is definitely something out there suitable for every rider – whether they prefer wearing baseball caps, beanies, or skull caps under their helmet; want one with built-in Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls, or enjoy the classic look of a leather half helmet that oozes pure, unadulterated biker style.

By considering all of the factors and features associated with each type/style/variation available today, we have been able to identify what we believe are some of the best motorcycle half helmets available today. These helmets offer the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and style, all without breaking your bank account or costing you an arm and a leg to own one!

Types of Motorcycle Half Helmets

Open Face Motorcycle Half Helmets: The open face is the most basic and least expensive type of motorcycle helmet. They leave your eyes, nose, and mouth free for comfort but offer little or no protection to the head. Most riders choose this style when they ride with a windshield on their motorcycles as it offers some sun protection from above while allowing the wind to blow through. The open face is a perfect helmet for short trips or when you don’t plan on going fast, but they are not recommended for long-distance rides in bad weather because of their lack of eye and head protection from the elements.

Three/Four Quarter Motorcycle Half Helmets: This type of helmet is found between an open face and a full-face. They offer more protection than the open face but still allow you to feel the wind in your hair or blow through it if it’s not too long. Three-quarter helmets are usually worn with goggles for further eye protection, making them great for riding behind windshields, which they were made for, or on cruisers. Depending on the model and make, of course, they sometimes offer more protection than an open face but less than a full-face.

Full-Face Motorcycle Half Helmets: Full-face helmets are probably what comes to mind when you think about motorcycle half helmets as they provide complete head coverage for the most safety possible. They are usually worn with goggles for complete eye protection, and sometimes they have a tinted shield to protect your face from the sun. Full-face helmets offer more safety than any other helmet style but also tend to be hotter since there is no airflow possible through them. As a result, a lot of riders choose open-face or three-quarter helmets for hot weather to keep cooler.

Modular Motorcycle Half Helmets: The modular motorcycle half helmet is a full-face design that can be transformed into an open face by lifting the front of the helmet up and flipping down the visor. This feature makes it very versatile as you can use it in either style, depending on your needs for protection or comfort. For example, some riders like to keep their modular helmets closed but still have eye protection when they need it and an open face when they don’t.

Titanium Motorcycle Half Helmets: Titanium is an extremely strong, lightweight metal that looks similar to stainless steel but has a slightly darker color. Most titanium motorcycle half helmets are made with 30% or more of the material and offer an excellent combination of durability and low weight. Some riders prefer them because they feel like there’s nothing on their head at all, but they are usually more expensive than helmets made of other materials.

Nylon Motorcycle Half Helmets: Nylon is a common material used in many types of motorcycle half helmets because it’s strong, lightweight, and doesn’t corrode as some metals will over time if you don’t maintain them properly. It can be found in everything from full-face helmets to open-face and modular styles. They are usually pretty affordable, which makes them attractive to beginners, but there’s not a lot of difference between different manufacturers, so you don’t always get the most protection or comfort for your money like you can with higher-end models that use titanium materials.

Traditional type of half helmet

The traditional type of half helmet is the most popular and widely used. This type consists of a brim, shell, and padding inside to protect your head from impact during accidents or falls. The traditional type of half helmets are available in different styles, and it is always better to choose the one that suits your face shape. Motorcycle riders usually wear a full-face helmet when riding because these helmets protect them from wind, dust, and dirt while they ride motorcycles on highways or open roads.

Traditional with the sun shield

The half helmets are one of the most popular motorcycle accessories. They provide protection, look cool, and you can wear them for a long time without feeling any discomfort compared to other headgears. The traditional is also known as an open face helmet or three-quarter helmet, which means that it covers only part of your forehead, cheeks but not the entire skull.

Half helmets are available in different colors and designs. Since they cover only part of your face, you can easily buy a full-face helmet if you don’t like it after trying out the half one. They also come with a sun shield which is great for summer days when riding motorcycles or any other bike so that you won’t need to wear sunglasses.

Motorcycle half helmets are usually made out of ABS shell, fiberglass, or polycarbonate. The shells can be transparent like the one shown in the picture above but also have a colored and matte finish, giving it a more fantastic look.

Key Features to Consider

There are some key features to consider when buying a motorcycle half helmet:


This is probably the most important part of choosing the right one. Ensure you get your exact head measurements before ordering online since it will save you from having to return and reorder, especially if there’s an issue with fitment. Otherwise, make sure that the half helmet you find fits snugly but not tight enough to cause discomfort.


An important factor is if you want to stay comfortable while riding your motorcycle. Make sure the one you choose has good ventilation, especially since it will cover much of your head and face area, which can make things very hot inside there with little airflow.


This is another significant factor when buying a motorcycle helmet, especially if you’re planning on using it while riding your bike in high-speed conditions or even just for commuting purposes where there are cars everywhere that can pose a potential danger to you and other bikers around. So make sure the one that you get has DOT or Snell certification to ensure it’s safe for use.


This is another crucial factor when choosing the right motorcycle half helmet since you will be wearing it in high-speed conditions where distractions are everywhere, making things even more dangerous if you don’t feel comfortable while riding your bike that day. And again, make sure it has good airflow and ventilation to keep things cool inside.


This is a very subjective factor, but nevertheless an important one as well when choosing the right motorcycle half helmet for you or your kids. You can go with anything from simple black or white designs to more stylish ones that come in different colors and will catch people’s attention as you go by.


The price is usually the last factor to consider when buying a motorcycle half helmet, but still, an important one nonetheless since it will determine whether or not you can really afford the ones that interest you most. Therefore, it’s advisable to look for something within your budget range and see which of those meet all the other criteria that you’re looking for in a motorcycle half helmet.


This is another critical factor when choosing the right one and deciding which style to go with. You can choose from simple black or white designs, especially if your bike has those colors as well, but there are also many others available out there that come in different colors.

Noise reduction

This is another important factor to consider when buying a motorcycle half helmet, especially if you’re planning on using it while riding your bike in high-speed conditions. In addition, many helmets come with noise reduction features that will help keep the wind from blowing into your ears at very loud volumes and deafening you temporarily while wearing one for extended periods of time.

What To Look For In A Half/Cruiser Helmet

  • Shell material – if you are going to wear your half helmet regularly, it is essential that the shell be made out of high-quality materials that will protect your head in case of an accident.
  • Comfort level – make sure there is padding inside and around the chin area. This is also where one should look for a chin strap that is sturdy and easy to buckle. Please make sure the helmet can be adjusted so it fits comfortably on your head without wobbling around too much.
  • DOT/ECE certification-s a half helmet is only safe to wear if it has the proper certification. This ensures that the helmet meets or exceeds safety standards set by both federal and state governments, ensuring that you stay protected at all times while riding your motorcycle.
  • Head shape – lastly, make sure the half helmet fits your head shape. This will ensure that you can wear it comfortably and securely for hours at a time without feeling too much discomfort or headache when taking it off.

Reasons to Buy a Half Helmet

Low Weight & High Portability

One of the biggest reasons people choose half helmets is that they are much lighter and more portable than full-face helmets. Motorcycle riders don’t want anything weighing down their head or getting in the way when riding, especially during long trips. In addition, the lightweight features make it easy for motorcycle riders to stow away a helmet easily without hassle. The best motorcycle half helmets in the market come in a variety of colors and designs, making it easy to find one that fits your style. If you want something more professional looking for work or school, plenty of great options are available with subtle colors and patterns. Meanwhile, if you just want something simple and stylish, people can’t get enough of the white or black with a little flair.

  • Lightweight, comfortable fit that doesn’t take up much space in a backpack or bag.
  • Easily stored in any small compartment while not in use.
  • Can sit on a shelf until needed again.

Good Comfort & Airflow

It makes the ride more comfortable as half helmets have good airflow compared to full-face helmets. This is because they do not cover your chin, and you can feel a lot of fresh air on your head as well as ears, making it great for those long bike trips where one needs relief from heat or rain.

Good Quality & Stylish Design to Expand Your Fashion Sense.

Half helmets can be used for both daily commuting and long tours as it protects your head from wind, rain, and other elements while giving you a sense of freedom which is not possible with a full-face helmet. In addition, it will expand the overall appeal of your motorcycle look because this type of helmet is more stylish and, at the same time, functional.

The design of these helmets is up to you, which means that you can choose a helmet according to your personality as half helmets are available in different colors, designs, and shapes. The most popular type for men`s motorcycles is matte black or gloss finish with a colored visor, whereas women tend to go for a more feminine design with glitter and flowers.

Great for Harley & Cruiser Riders

Harley Davidson riders are usually looking for style, comfort, and good protection. The half helmets meet all of these needs while providing great ventilation to keep your head cool even in the hottest months. These helmets are suitable for long rides, but it is still advised to use at least a DOT sunscreen face shield.

The half helmet design provides good protection and ventilation without sacrificing style or comfort. They also work great with eyeglasses, goggles & shields (must be purchased separately).

Half Helmets usually come in two different shell sizes S/M and L/XL. Therefore, it is essential to measure your head, purchase the right size shell, and check if you have a round or oval-shaped face (most helmets are designed for an oval-shaped face).


Are Half Helmets Legal in the US and UK?

Half helmets are legal in the US and UK. However, you will need to check your state or country laws and regulations as they do vary slightly between jurisdictions.

Is a Half Helmet Safe Enough for Me?

Some people wonder if a half helmet is safe enough for them. It’s actually safer than you may think! For example, in the United States and Canada, DOT (Department of Transportation) certified helmets are required by law for all drivers and passengers on motorcycles. If you choose to wear one that isn’t DOT approved, you could be ticketed and fined.

The DOT rating ensures the helmet meets safety standards set by government agencies to decrease head injuries in motorcycle accidents caused by road debris, weather conditions, objects on the road, or car collisions. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) notes that helmets with a Snell Foundation M2010 certification are safer than DOT-approved helmets.

The most common type of head injury suffered in motorcycle accidents is a closed-head injury, caused when the brain slams against the skull after being jarred or shaken by hitting surrounding bones and tissue during impact. The helmet does not have to be rigid for this to happen—the rotational force can cause it too. This is why a full-face helmet is recommended for riders to protect the face and skull from this type of injury.

How Should a Half Helmet Fit Me?

When a helmet sits properly, it will remain in place without the person wearing it needing to adjust constantly. It won’t be too tight or loose, and you shouldn’t have any red marks on your forehead when taking the helmet off after using it for an extended time. As long as this is happening, then there should not be anything else to worry about.

If you do notice that when wearing your helmet, it is too tight, then there are a few things that should be done in order to fix this problem and ensure the person wearing it does not have any issues with comfortability while riding. First thing’s first; try loosening up all of the straps on the inside of the helmet. If this does not work, then there are a few more things that could be done.

One of the most common reasons for a helmet being too tight around the head is because it is about to open up and release some air pressure from inside of it. This can happen after you have been riding with your half helmet on for an extended period. To fix this, open up the face shield on your helmet and let some air inside. This will help it to release that pressure build-up that is causing discomfort while wearing it.

If none of these things work for you, then there are a few other alternatives if you want to get rid of any tightness you are experiencing. One option is to look for a helmet that has more room inside of it, which will give the rider wearing it enough breathing space around their head and face without letting too much air escape through any vents or because their fit was not snug in the first place.

Another thing you could do is try sizing up your half helmet so that it will be bigger on your head. Make sure you can still get a secure fit with this option, however, enough so that the helmet won’t easily fall off while riding. If there is any discomfort experienced during this phase of trying different sizes, then go back to what worked before.

Are half helmets any good?

If you are in the market for a half helmet, there is good news. Half helmets are actually very practical items of motorcycle gear that can offer excellent protection when used correctly. However, the bad news is that many people do not use them properly, which means they get little benefit from their purchase, or worse still, they put themselves at risk by wearing one.

The key is to ensure that you buy one properly fitted for your head and then wear it correctly so as not to obscure either vision or hearing. Once this has been achieved, half helmets can be incredibly comfortable, practical items of motorcycle gear offering better protection than most full-face motorcycle helmets at a fraction of the cost.

Why do bikers wear half helmets?

One of the great things about motorcycles is that they are relatively simple to operate. There’s not a whole lot you have to do, which means there’s not much for you to learn before hopping on one and taking off. Yet, if it were as easy as riding a bicycle or driving in an automatic car, there wouldn’t be such a large industry surrounding them. That means that the people who work in and around motorcycles take their jobs seriously and do everything they can to ensure everyone is safe when riding on two wheels.

Useful Video: Best Motorcycle Half Helmets


In summary, motorcycle half helmets are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add some extra protection or simply personalize their ride.