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5 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $100


Most recommended
Compact Lightweight Full Face
  • Color Matte Black
  • Brand GLX
  • Athlete Biker
A good choice too
Fuel Helmets Unisex-Adult Full
  • Color Gloss Black
  • Brand Fuel Helmets
  • Athlete Biker
A good choice too
Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet
  • Color Matte Black
  • Brand YEMA Helmet
  • Motorcycling
Matte Black Full Face Lightweight
  • Color Matte Black
  • Brand Triangle
  • Street Bike
Motorcycle Full Face Helmet DOT Approved
  • Color Matte Black
  • Brand YEMA Helmet
  • Inner Material Textile/Leather

Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet Under $100

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Motorcycle riders need to invest in a good helmet to protect their head. But, when it comes time for you to buy one, you might be wondering what the best motorcycle helmets under $100 are. With so many different options available, how can you choose? That’s why we created this buyer’s guide.

GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This new design is really cool. It is easy for people to see you. And it has a lot of air inside of it so your legs will not hurt when you go on long trips. This motorcycle has multiple vents to help with the cooling process. The vents are easy to use, even when you wear gloves.

Trendsetting springs ensure perfect water and wind seal. The 3D shield is distorted free, so you can see everything. This helmet has a guard for your breath to go through. This means it won’t fog up the shield. It also has a curtain on the chin so that you are protected from windy days. The strap is very easy to use too! The GLX One-Year Limited Manufacturer. It is removable, washable, and replaceable. The inside is made of microfiber that absorbs sweat without compromising comfort or security.

  • Good ventilation
  • chin curtain
  • removable, washable, and replaceable microfiber inner material

  • chin strap is a little hard to adjust

Fuel Helmets Full Face Helmet

It was exported from another country. Helmet with a lightweight thermoplastic shell for adults Nuts and bolts are tightened before the helmet is attached to the cage. The dual vented diffuser allows for optimum airflow.

A lightweight thermoplastic shell is used in adult helmets. A set of removable cheek pads is provided for easy cleaning. DOT FMVSS N. 218 compliant safety shield with quick release feature.

  • Good ventilation
  • DOT

  • no chin curtain
  • fog up

YEMA YM-926 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Flip-up Helmet

The inside is cozy, and the design is modr8n, with a flip-up and dual-lens construction (Inner Smoked Lens/outer Clear Shield). Comfortable inner padding, washable cheek pads available. To keep cool, adjustable intake and exhaust vents are provided.

The streamlined aerodynamic design minimizes wind noise and drag. For dirt bikes, snowmobiles, quads, adventure riding, and much more. Quick Release Strap for a Secure Fit and an Easy On/Off Experience. DOT Approved for Use on All Bikes with Road or Off-Road Conditions.

  • Good ventilation
  • quick release strap
  • DOT approved

  • no chin curtain
  • fog up

TRIANGLE Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Product safety certification: The Multi-Density EPS Liner provides a secure fit while also dissipating impact energy. It absorbs the shock of the fall, preventing injury to your head and neck.

Lining: Soft Laser Cut Padding that provides dry comfort for hygiene / Fully Removable, Washable, and Interior Liner / Padded Chin Strap with a Micrometric Closure PC Visor that is easily removable with a quick-change mechanism. The vehicle is certified by the Department of Transportation to meet FMVSS-218 safety standards and has been tested and approved by ACT Laboratories.

  • Lightweight
  • Product safety certification
  • Easily removable visor

  • chin strap hard to adjust
  • no chin curtain
  • fog up
  • may not be available in your country

Motorcycle Full Face Helmet DOT Approved – YEMA YM-829

DOT FMVSS 218 is an American standard that all motorcyclists must follow. It’s designed with advanced technology that helps keep you safe on the road. Exciting, fashionable design with lots of cutting-edge features. Just what you need for a street bike, motocross, ATV, dirt bike, MX, quad bike, adventure.

The shell is constructed of aerodynamic ABS and multi-density EPS, which makes it extremely light. The firm chin strap is reinforced with additional stitching, while the quick-release buckle has been strengthened. Sun Visor System: Switch for changing the sun visor is simple to use. Remove and replace the clear visor with tool-free ease. The ventilation system is fully adjustable for intake and exhaust vents to provide a consistent, light flow of air for the rider to be cool and comfortable. Liner and cushions are completely removable and washable for easy maintenance. Finally, there’s more room for glasses. Increase one size if necessary.

  • DOT approved
  • Sun Visor System

  • expensive
  • too dark visor

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best motorcycle helmets under $100?

Motorcycle riders need to invest in a good helmet to protect their head. But, when it comes time for you to buy one, you might be wondering what the best motorcycle helmets under $100 are. With so many different options available, how can you choose? That’s why we created this buyer’s guide.

The first thing to consider when buying a quality helmet is the material it’s made of. The shell should be constructed with high-strength ABS or polycarbonate materials, which are lightweight and not bulky. In addition, they provide impact absorption while maintaining airflow around your head for ventilation purposes.

Good motorcycle helmets will typically fit securely without too much movement. This is especially important if you ride at high speeds or take sharp turns. You don’t want it to move around on your head because that can lead to severe injuries in the event of a crash.

The best motorcycle helmets under $100 will be DOT and/or Snell-approved, which means they meet safety standards for helmet manufacturing. This is only the case for helmets made in the USA. Helmets imported from China, Thailand, or Korea may not have these certifications, so you should avoid them at all costs.

The size of your helmet doesn’t just mean how it fits on your head right now but also its life expectancy. The interior padding can break down over time and lose its ability to absorb impact. You can buy replacement padding and other accessories for your helmet if you’re looking at a more long-term investment.

The best motorcycle helmets will have comfortable, adjustable straps that don’t chafe or irritate the neck area while riding. In addition, they should be made of strong nylon webbing that can withstand hours of constant use.

Finally, good motorcycle helmets under $100 will have a visor that’s easy to remove and replace if needed. They should also be tinted for better visibility at night or in poor lighting conditions. The helmet you choose shouldn’t feel heavy on your head no matter how long you ride with it on.

Helmet shape and size

The first thing you need to consider when buying a helmet is the shape and size. Helmets come in many different shapes, including full-face helmets that cover your chin from hairline to the jawline and open face helmets with visors only on the front of the helmet or ones that have no visor at all. Half helmets give you a little more freedom and aerodynamic options.

The best way to determine your head size is by measuring the circumference of your skull. Next, measure from just above one eyebrow, around the back, and over your crown, making sure that you include a bit of space for growth towards the front (you don’t want it too tight). Then take this number and compare it with sizing charts available online. If you are in-between sizes, go for the larger size as they can be adjusted to fit snugly with inserts or padding.

There are also different shapes of helmets that come with varying styles and features designed to protect your head from injury while riding on a motorcycle. 

Unfortunately, there is more than one type of helmet available today, so it becomes essential to know about every kind of helmet before buying one.

Comfort and Protection

All of these helmets are DOT-certified, which means they meet the minimum safety standards for street riding. The visors on every helmet here are also shatterproof and UV protection to keep your eyes from being damaged from direct sunlight or flying debris.

The helmets are designed to keep you cool by venting out hot air. The vents also provide a slight breeze, so your head doesn’t get too sweaty while riding in warm weather.

In addition, each helmet has a breath deflector to keep your visor from fogging up. Any rider who’s been stuck with a visor that won’t clear when trying to ride through cold or humid weather knows how frustrating it can be! The interior of these helmets is also designed for maximum comfort and airflow. Finally, to protect you from impacts and abrasion, all of these helmets have a shock-absorbent internal liner.

Each helmet also has chin straps with quick-release buckles to make it simple to take the helmet on and off as needed.

Adding to that, all of these helmets also have a removable and washable interior. This means you won’t just get an extra level of comfort from wearing them, but it’ll be easier than ever to keep your helmet clean! When dirt and sweat build up over time, they can create odors or even cause skin irritations.

The helmets also have an adjustable retention system to keep your chin straps securely fastened. This will add another level of protection should you fall while wearing them, and it’ll help ensure they stay on even if you’re involved in a minor accident!

Shell material

The shell of the helmet is what protects your head during an accident. It’s important that it be able to withstand high levels of impact force, as well as penetration resistance. The material used in most motorcycle helmets is either fiberglass or composite materials with carbon fibers mixed into them.


The material used in the linings of motorcycle helmets is almost always made out of polyurethane foam, which can be either open or closed. Open-cell foams are more porous and allow for better air circulation to keep your head cool while riding on hot days. Closed-cell foams are more water-resistant and are better suited to keep your head dry during rain or snow.

Open-cell polyurethane foam is also hypoallergenic, which means it won’t irritate skin allergies as other materials can. Closed-cell foams do not have this benefit, but they still prevent the helmet from trapping heat inside, which can be very uncomfortable.

Comfortable Chin Strap

The chin strap of the helmet is what keeps your head secure, so it’s important that it doesn’t cause any discomfort during long road trips. The best motorcycle helmets under $100 usually feature snap-on or push-button quick-release buckles for easy on and off. It’s also important that the chin strap is padded to prevent chafing on your face and neck, which can cause discomfort throughout your ride.


The Snell Memorial Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to researching, testing, evaluating, and setting standards for helmet safety. The Foundation’s testing standards are recognized by all US States that require helmets to meet certain performance criteria. In addition, helmets approved by the Snell Memorial Foundation have been tested according to their lab-certified standard, which provides a higher safety level than other brands on the market.

Comfortable Interior Padding

The helmet’s interior padding keeps your head from moving around inside, which can be very uncomfortable. Good quality motorcycle helmets under $100 will have removable pads for easy cleaning and replacement as they wear out over time. It’s also important that these pads are soft to keep you comfortable during long rides but not so bulky as to cause discomfort when wearing them.

Adjustable Visor

The visor of the helmet is what keeps your eyes protected from dust and debris while you’re riding on unpaved roads or trails during a ride. It’s important that it doesn’t obstruct your vision in any way when looking around but also blocks out most sunlight during hot days. Helmets with adjustable visors are also great for people who wear glasses as they will be able to fit them under the visor without any trouble.

Good Ventilation

The last thing you want during a long road trip is to feel hot and uncomfortable inside your helmet, which can make even the most exciting adventure seem boring. The best motorcycle helmets under $100 will have vents to keep your head cool during hot days. The airflow must be distributed evenly all throughout the helmet, so you don’t feel too much on one side of your face or neck compared to another.

Visor quality

The visor is a very important part of the helmet. If it’s not clear, you won’t be able to see where you are going. The best motorcycle helmets under 100 dollars have excellent quality visors that provide great visibility on rainy or sunny days. They will also work well at night because they reduce glare and prevent reflection from headlights.

The best motorcycle helmets under 100 dollars have a mechanism that allows the visor to be easily adjusted according to your needs and requirements. They also offer an excellent seal against wind, dust, water, and noise so you can enjoy a safe ride without distractions or discomfort.

The visor of the best motorcycle helmets under 100 dollars provides a wide field of vision and doesn’t reduce peripheral sight. This is very important because it allows you to enjoy your ride while keeping track of what’s going on around you. In addition, they have an anti-fog coating so that fog does not form when humidity is high.

The best motorcycle helmets under 100 dollars have excellent visors that are also interchangeable for maximum flexibility. Some can be easily removed, while others snap on and off in seconds without any tools or mechanisms, which is very useful to keep your helmet looking good even after many years of use.

This feature will allow you to replace the visor if it’s damaged or if you simply want to change the color of your helmet. It’s also great for people who usually wear glasses and need a specific visor that will not obstruct their view.

Helmet Types

There are two major types of helmets: full-face and open-face. The full-face helmet covers the entire head, with a protective screen over the eyes and nose. Open face or “three-quarter” helmets cover your ears and cheeks but not the chin area; many offers to flip down visors for extra protection from sun glare. Open-face helmets are great for riding when the weather is nice.

Full Face Helmets

Full face helmets provide the most protection for motorcycle riders. They cover all of your head, including the chin and jaw area, as well as your eyes and nose. Full-face helmets also come with a visor that keeps out bugs, dirt, debris, and rain from coming into contact with your face while you ride down the road at high speeds.

Full face helmets come with a jaw protector that is up to eight millimeters thick and attaches securely around your chin area, which provides additional protection from impact or flying debris on the road. Full-face motorcycle helmets also have an adjustable visor, so you can customize them for a more comfortable fit over time. In addition, some full-face helmets are designed to be worn with eye protection, which is an additional accessory you can purchase.

Most full-face helmets come in different sizes ranging from extra small to double XL. If you have a large or oddly shaped head, it might be difficult for some brands of full-face motorcycle helmets to fit your specific size and shape without any discomfort. To ensure a good fit, you should try on the helmet before you buy it. If you can’t find one in your local motorcycle gear store, there are plenty of online retailers that offer free shipping and will allow for returns if necessary.

Full face helmets typically start at $100 or less to give riders an affordable option when it comes to protecting their heads. They’re a great choice for anyone who wants to keep it simple and explore all the possibilities that come with riding a motorcycle on any given day.

Modular Helmet

Modular is a trendy type of helmet. This versatile style can be worn in several different ways, depending on how you feel at the time. For example, it may be more comfortable wearing your glasses or sunglasses under an open-face design with no chin bar when riding to work. You’ll also find that many riders wear their modular helmets open face when riding with a group. For more sport-style comfort, you can easily snap on the chin bar for protection or to keep wind noise down during high-speed cruising. These are all popular reasons why modular is one of the most popular styles today, especially with men and women who wear glasses.

Modular Helmets are perfect for men and women who wear glasses!

One common feature on every helmet is the face shield. There are many different styles of visors, including tear-off posts, screw-offs, or even quick release systems that allow you to switch out shields in under a minute. When choosing your new motorcycle helmet, it’s important to find a comfortable one. And, you also want something that looks good too!

When choosing your new motorcycle helmet, it’s important to find one that’s comfortable and looks good too!

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, wearing a helmet could mean the difference between life and death in an accident situation. So it makes sense that one should make sure they are getting all the facts before making a purchase decision. It’s essential you understand all your options so you can choose the best motorcycle helmet under $100.

Half Face Helmets

The half-face helmet covers the top of your head but leaves you exposed above and below. These are safer than full-face helmets because they do not cover your chin area, which is one of the most likely spots to get injured in a motorcycle accident. However, if there’s even just that tiny bit more protection for this part of your body, it’s probably worth the extra couple of hundred dollars.

Inexpensive half-face helmets are easy to come by, and you won’t have any trouble finding one under $100. However, there is a decent range in quality between different models at this price point; some will be lightweight with durable straps and good ventilation, while others will weigh more and feel flimsy. You might even find that some helmets are not DOT approved, meaning they’re technically illegal to wear on the street.

Everything considered, though, half-face helmets under $100 should be an option for you because at least there’s a chance of saving money without having to sacrifice protection or comfort too much.

Although a half helmet isn’t going to offer you the same level of protection as a full-face motorcycle helmet, they are lightweight, comfortable, and most importantly, they look great. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide which ones are best for your needs, but with this guide, we hope that you will have all the information you need to make the right choice.

How to Get the Right Fit

A motorcycle helmet should fit snugly, especially around the jaw area. Make sure to take measurements before heading out shopping for a new one! Finding the right size is crucial because it will affect both comfortability and safety. If your helmet fits too tightly or loosely, you could be putting yourself at risk of serious injury during an accident. When trying helmets on, also remember to wear the right jacket and pants. If you have a three-quarter helmet that doesn’t fit properly, it won’t do any good against impact in an accident!

Some people think that in order to get a good quality helmet for an affordable price, you have to sacrifice safety. This is simply not true! Numerous brands offer helmets with features like aerodynamically designed shells and advanced ventilation systems at prices less than $100.

Many of these helmets also have DOT safety certifications. This is a good thing because it means that the helmet has been tested and meets all federal standards for protection against impact during an accident or fall. Another advantage to getting a certified helmet is that you know your purchase will be covered under warranty if anything happens, so there’s no risk to you.

If your budget is limited or if you are purchasing the helmet as a gift, there are options to consider, like buying used helmets online. They may not be in perfect condition, but they will still offer all of the protection that other models provide at an affordable price tag!

Safety Features

This is where it becomes critical to understand what you are looking for. What features will be needed? When do they matter the most, and which ones should be considered optional? As a general rule of thumb, think about your commute or riding style first. If you plan on commuting in heavy traffic with lots of stoplights, you will want a full-face helmet with an internal drop-down sun visor. If you plan on riding exclusively off-road, then perhaps go for something more lightweight and open-faced instead.


One of the first things you should look at before buying a helmet is checking out its certifications. The DOT certification means that it meets government safety standards for motorcycle helmets. In contrast, Snell-approved ones are even better and safer than just meeting the minimum requirements since they undergo more in-depth testing than any other standard requires. These are the most common certifications for motorcycle helmets.


The DOT is the most common standard in the US. Most of the helmets sold for motorcycle, motorbike, and scooter riding are rated to meet this standard. The helmet must be able to withstand impact when dropped on different surfaces at specific speeds (usually between two and four meters per second). Helmets with an internal harness to keep the chin strap in place, a feature that is not required by DOT but found on higher-end helmets, are also tested to meet this standard. However, the DOT has been criticized for allowing some manufacturers to pass tests with results below what would be considered safe levels of impact protection.


If you are a long-distance rider, the Snell rating is what you want to look for. Motorcycle racers have developed this helmet, and their needs have been taken into consideration. It is required that all helmets must meet this minimum standard before being sold in the market today.

The Snell Memorial Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, was started in 1957. It has been known for its strict standards on helmets and helmet testing ever since. The requirements are so tough that even most motorcycle racers would not be able to use this type of helmet when they have their races because it is often too stiff.


The main reason why you would want to buy a motorcycle helmet is for safety. The last thing that you would want to happen while riding your bike down the road is to have an accident and not be wearing anything on your head! This may sound like common sense, but there are people out there who don’t wear helmets because they’re at home doing something else, not riding their motorcycle.

So the first thing that you should consider when buying a helmet is how aerodynamic it is. You do not want to have any drag while you’re on your bike because this can make for an accident waiting to happen! This goes back to my previous point about wearing helmets in general; if there is no air resistance, you’re less likely to have an accident.

The reason why you want something that is aerodynamic has to do with the wind drag force. There are two types of forces on moving objects; lift and drag. Drag can be thought of as anything that resists or opposes motion through a fluid (air). Therefore, the more streamlined your shape is, the less drag that will be caused. This is what you want to look for in a motorcycle helmet; something with as little wind resistance as possible!

Additional Features on Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are one of the most important accessories to have when you want to ride your motorcycle. They ensure that you’re safer, particularly in case there is an accident or collision with another vehicle on the road. However, if safety isn’t something that concerns you much and all factors are equal, then a helmet that looks good and is comfortable would probably be a better choice.


Most of the helmets under $100 don’t have any specific warranties. However, there are some that come with a 30-day return policy, while others offer a free replacement in case you notice anything wrong with the helmet within 90 days. It would be best to check for this information before making your final purchase decision.


Are cheap helmets safe?

A helmet is the most important part of a rider’s gear. Without one, it can be challenging to enjoy motorcycle riding, and you’ll probably end up with some pretty serious injuries if an accident occurs. If you’re looking for cheap helmets under $100 or something that won’t break your bank account, there are lots of great options available right now.

Are they durable enough?

There are a few different types of motorcycle helmets on the market today. This can make it difficult to figure out which one is right for you and your needs, especially if you’re not an expert in this field. In order to choose from these options, there are some things that you need to consider first, such as how much money you want to spend on one and how often you plan on using it. The quality of the material used for this type of product is also important and whether or not they are durable enough.

What are the Most Common Materials Used for Making Cheap Helmets?

There are two primary materials used when it comes to making cheap helmets: fiberglass and thermoplastic. These can be molded into a variety of shapes for different functions, such as road cycling or motorcycling. The most common material in this price range is fiberglass because it’s lightweight and easy to mold at a low cost.

Useful Video: BEST MOTORCYCLE HELMETS – Under 100


There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new helmet. The safest motorcycle helmets you can buy under $100 will provide the much-needed protection in case of an accident, which could very well save your life or at least prevent significant injury. They come with DOT certification and should also be Snell-approved.

Some people may consider this just a purchase, but it is essential to remember that the helmet you choose will help keep your head protected when riding on busy roads and highways with high traffic speeds around you. Many different brands are available in stores or online, so finding one that meets your needs won`t be too difficult.