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How to Lock Helmet to Motorcycle?

How to Lock Helmet to Motorcycle?

The question is, how can you lock your helmet to your motorcycle? There are many ways that will work for different situations. The best way to do it depends on the type of bike you have and the level of security you need. We’ll go over three ideas for locking a helmet to a motorcycle with our favorite being number one!

Locking your helmet with a helmet lock

A helmet lock is a great choice if you want to be able to easily remove your helmet. The downside of them, however, is that they don’t offer the best level of security and are not very sturdy. We would recommend getting one with cable or chain for added safety.

The two most common types of helmet locks will either use a cable or a chain.

The cable helmet locks are great because they’re super portable and easy to bring along for your ride wherever you go. The downside of them is that they break easily if someone wants to cut through it with bolt cutters. They also won’t deter anyone looking to grab your helmet and take off with it.

The chain helmet locks are a lot sturdier because they cannot be cut through easily, but the downside of them is that you have to wrap them around something or lock them up before turning in for the night, making it difficult if you’re camping somewhere without any bike racks. They also tend to be heavier than the cables.

Locking your helmet with a helmet lock

What is a helmet lock?

A helmet lock is a great way to keep your motorcycle gear safe and secure when not in use. Riders should never leave their helmets on the seat of their motorcycles, even if they are only leaving it for just one moment. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your helmet stolen.

A motorcycle lock is essential because riders can now securely fasten their helmets to their motorcycles without worrying about theft or misplacing it after parking and locking up their bike for just a few seconds. This allows them to not have to carry around an extra bulky item when they are already toting around their helmets, gloves and jackets.

A motorcycle helmet lock is an easy-to-use product that helps keep your gear safe when you are not using it. Lock mechanisms can be built into many different types of locks including headlocks, cable locks, flange bolts, padlocks or even a simple U-lock. Additionally some helmets have a built in lock, making it even easier to secure your helmet when you are on the go.

When to use a helmet lock?

You might be a bike rider who only rides occasionally, perhaps on the weekends or for an hour after work. If you are that type of bike rider then it is wise to keep your helmet locked up at home if there is no garage space available. This will prevent thieves from stealing your expensive riding gear and equipment since they would not know you do not use your helmet frequently.

Locking your helmet with a gunlock

A gunlock is a very effective bike lock for your helmet. These kinds of locks are designed to be used with motorcycles and helmets, they usually come in pairs that can be locked together using a key or combination code. A good thing about this type of lock is the fact that it’s highly customizable: you can choose how far the two locks are from each other, thus allowing you to lock your helmet to the motorcycle in different configurations.

Locking your helmet with a gunlock

A lot of people use gunlocks for their helmets because they’re very easy and quick to attach/detach whenever needed. They can be used on any type of motorcycle or scooter that has a luggage rack installed; the only thing you need to do is to find a secure spot where the two locks can be attached and detached easily. Some people even go as far as buying an extra luggage rack just so they could use their gunlocks with it, but this isn’t necessary in most cases because many modern motorcycles come equipped with them by default.

Using a regular bicycle cable lock

In order to secure a motorcycle helmet, you can use a regular bicycle cable lock. However, since the cables are not too sturdy in comparison with chains or U-locks that fit around your bike frame and wheels , it may be necessary to wrap them several times through the D rings of your helmet before locking up.

This type is easy to use and convenient to carry around, but it is still advisable not to leave your helmet on the bike unattended.

Another great option for locking a motorcycle helmet would be using an additional chin strap which can also serve as protection against thieves who might try to lift up your lid with their finger or blade.

Where should you attach your helmet to?

When you are looking to lock your helmet, the first thing that comes to mind is where do I attach my helmet. With a strong chain and padlock, this guide will help you out through different options of attachment so as to prevent any kind of theft or misplacement from happening with your motorcycle helmets. You can use a D-ring, a flat hook or simply attach it to the rearview mirror.

There are many different ways of how you can lock your helmet and therefore we will try our best to explain each way so as to ensure that you know exactly what locks suit your needs and where they should be attached at.


Most motorcycles have a handlebar, which can be used to hold the helmet. However, it’s not always safe to do so because the bar is exposed and may lead to an injury if someone bumps into it. If your motorcycle does not have any bars on top of it or enough space between them for you to lean back with your handbag, you can put your helmet on the seat instead.


If there is enough space between the handlebars for you to lean back with your handbag or backpack, then tucking it behind them will provide another effective spot to store it while riding. However, if they are too close together and don’t offer any room for leaning backward, this method will not work. When storing lenses in a backpack, make sure there’s enough space to accommodate the helmet as well and place it at the bottom of your bag for safety reasons (not on top).

Passenger pegs

Another option would be if the passenger has pegs on their bike. This is usually a great solution because it can work for short trips or long, depending on how much they are willing to trust you with their motorcycle while your helmets are locked up together. The only downside of this method is that not every biker will have these available on their motorcycle.

Buddy seat locks

A seat lock is a useful accessory for motorcycles that have two seats. If you put your bike on its side stand and then mount it from the passenger’s seat, there can be some movement before everything settles in place. This results in premature wear on parts of the motorcycle, including those on which you sit or stand while riding.

On the seat

It is recommended to keep your helmet on the seat of your motorcycle. This will prevent it from getting stolen or smashed by other objects that are put onto the seat, such as backpacks and grocery bags. Besides this, there are no potential risks involved in leaving a spare helmet on top of your seat while driving around town.


Why you should NEVER put your helmet near the ground

You should NEVER put your helmet on the ground when you are not wearing it. The reason is that someone can step on it and scratch or crack it in two, which will make the helmet useless for safety reasons. This also means that if a bike falls over onto a motorcycle rider’s head while they don’t have a helmet on, there is a chance that the helmet can be cracked or damaged.

This is why you need to purchase an anti-theft device so it doesn’t become necessary for your bike’s security to have to put your helmet on the ground, which will leave it open to being stepped on and ruined. Extended motorcycle trips are possible with this type of lock because it’s not like you would be unable to remove the lock when needed.


How do I keep my motorcycle helmet from being stolen?

The best way to protect your helmet from being stolen is by using an anti-theft device. There are many different models on the market that can be found online or at a local shop, but they all work in similar ways so it shouldn’t take more than five minutes of searching before you find what you need for this purpose.

Most anti-theft devices work by locking the helmet to your motorcycle or other vehicle, which means that it will be nearly impossible for someone to try and take the helmet away while you are wearing it. This is because they would have no way of knowing whether there’s somebody inside who could get hurt if they tried pulling on the straps in order to rip it off.

The anti-theft devices are usually not too expensive, so there is no reason to risk putting your helmet on the ground if you don’t absolutely have to do it! However, once the bike is put together and ready for a ride, you can use this type of lock as a security measure when leaving safe places like parking.

How do motorcycle locks work?

There are many different ways that motorcycle locks work so it’s important to understand how each one works. This means you’ll know what type of lock would be best used for your helmet, which will allow you to find the right anti-theft device in no time at all!

Some types of locks come with a key or other locking mechanism, while others work more like a chain and lock to the bike using another padlock. You can also find locks that come with their own alarm system, which will make it easy for you to notice if someone is trying to take off your helmet without permission!

How do you lock a full face bike helmet?

The best way to lock a full face bike helmet is by using an anti-theft device that works with the locking mechanism which comes on your motorcycle. These locks will be easy for you to use and can also come with their own alarm systems, just in case someone tries taking it away without permission!
You should always make sure you do your research before buying an anti-theft device so you can find one that works with your bike’s locking mechanism. This way, it will be easy for you to lock up the helmet using this type of security measure instead of having to worry about someone stealing it without permission, which is a real possibility if the helmet isn’t locked down!

How do you unlock a helmet lock?

If you want to unlock a helmet lock, you can simply use the key or other locking mechanism that comes with it. However, there are some anti-theft devices which work by using their own alarm systems when they sense someone is trying to take off your motorcycle without permission!

This means that if anyone tries taking away your helmet while it’s locked to your motorcycle, the alarm system should go off and make it easy for you to notice what’s happening. If this doesn’t happen then there could be something wrong with your helmet lock or other security measure that you should check out immediately!

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By using an anti-theft device, you can lock up your motorcycle helmet safely and securely instead of having to worry about someone taking it away without permission! You should always make sure that whatever type of anti-theft measure you choose is compatible with the locking mechanism on your bike so there are no issues when trying to use it.